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The Ultimate Guide To Grout Cleaning And Maintenance

If you like beautiful tiles in your bathroom, one of the downsides is the grout. Fresh grout looks beautiful, but without proper cleaning and maintenance, it can become stained and mildewed, and even cracked. And when grout starts cracking and falling, water can seep behind the wall and cause major damage.

To clean any grout here‘s a guide on what all you can do to keep your tiles looking new always.

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Vinegar and Baking Soda

This is perhaps the most tried and tested method to clean away the tile grouts and is indeed the most effective cleaner. Simply dilute the vinegar with equal volume of water or make a paste of baking soda with small amount of water, to clean away that nasty grout. Spray the vinegar solution or dab the soda paste onto the grout. Take a small scrub brush and scrub away the grout in small circles. Do not move your brush in straight up-down motion as this might remove more debris than required from the grout. Rinse it well with water and pat it dry with paper towel.


Try Oxygenated Cleaners

You can even try the generic household cleaners or the oxygenated cleaners like Oxyclean, Lysol, Mr. Clean or even the powder based chemical cleaners to clean away the tile grout. Mix any of these cleaners as directed and scrub with small scrub brush and wash away with water.


Try Hydrogen Peroxide and Water

Make sure you use this method only on white grouts as it may lead to discoloration of colored grouts and always try this method on a small area first. Mix equal quantities if hydrogen peroxide and water in 1:1 ratio. Apply this paste to grout lines and leave it as such for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with water.


Apply Shaving Cream

This is indeed the easiest and least expensive method of cleaning the grout. Apply the shaving cream on to the grout and leave it for a few minutes. Scrub it with a brush and wash away with water.


Scrub it well with a nylon bristle drill brush

There’s a reason most people do not clean their grout as often as they should. Scrubbing with a brush is tiring. That’s why you should equip your home cleaning kit with a drill brush. This is a mini version of the rotary brush used by professional cleaner. The good things about this brush is it can be purchased quite affordably from Amazon for $15 and will attach to any drill you already have lying around the house, and boom !! you have got yourself a rotary power scrubber. You should look for one with medium stiff nylon bristle which is most suitable for cleaning grout, like our So Clean So Fast’s drill brush. Definitely avoid brass brass as it might damage your tile.

By the way, you can get 20% discount coupon on the drill brush from here . Do yourself and your grout a favor, you’ll save yourself 20 minutes a week and clean your grout more often more effectively with this amazing power scrubber.

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